North Gauteng Senior Science Fair is South Africa’s oldest school science fair, incorporating a science expo, IT challenge, robotics and environmental competitions. Learners can enter projects in a number of categories.

Start Date 2022-08-26
End Date 2022-08-27
Venue NG Moreleta Church
Address 1353 De Villebois Mareuil Dr, Pretoriuspark, Pretoria
Entries Close 2022-08-05
Entry Fee R200 per learner

North Gauteng Senior Science Fair Events

The following events are being planned for 2022 North Gauteng Science Fair.  Additional details will be made available as the COVID-19 situation becomes clearer.

North Gauteng Science Expo 2022


North Gauteng Science Expo is the largest regional science expo for learners in grades 7-12 in Gauteng. Our region has a proud history of over 40 years of successful events, making it the oldest regional Science fair in South Africa.  Our learners are regularly selected to represent South Africa at leading international science fairs.

Senior Robothon 2022


The senior Robothon was introduced in 2016, attracting numerous new schools each year.   Teams must build a robot at the science fair, to complete the challenge presented to them.  No preparation is required for this event.   

Due to the limited space available, only two teams will be accepted per school at this stage, and a total of 16 teams.  It is open to learners in grades 8-9 in teams of 4 learners.  Schools from in and around Gauteng are welcome to enter.  Teams must provide their own Lego EV3 or NXT robotics kits and a laptop.

North Gauteng Senior Robothon 2022 will take place online. It will take place after North Gauteng Senior Science Fair.

Senior Environmental Challenge 2022

Environmental Challenge

The North Gauteng Senior Environmental Challenge was introduced in 2017. In 2022, we are encouraging all schools to participate in the City Nature Challenge and then use their data to compete in the Environmental Challenge at the North Gauteng Science Fair. As North Gauteng, we are excited to join the City Nature Challenge to compete with other cities across South Africa and the globe

Further information regarding this exciting event is available on the Environmental Challenge Web Page.

Senior Programming Challenge

Programming Challenge

A new programming Challenge for learners in grades 11/12 was introduced in 2017.  Learners participate in teams of 2 or 3 learners and are required to complete a programming challenge to the best of their abilities.  Participants may use wither Java or Delphi to complete the challenge.  

GrottoBot Challenge (not confirmed for 2022)

GrottoBot Cave Exploration Challenge

The GrottoBot Challenge was introduced in 2016, with great success.  The aim of the GrottoBot Challenge is for teams to build a robot that can drive, crawl or walk into a previously unexplored passage in a real cave.  This is an engineering challenge – it is not suitable for “robotics kits”.

Due to the limited space available in the cave, we will only be accepting 2 projects per school, and a total of 15 robots.  It is open to learners in grades 8-11, either as individuals or in teams of 2 learners.  Schools from in and around Gauteng are welcome to enter.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this event will not be taking place in 2022. We hope to re-introduce it in 2023.

Senior Scientific Arts Expo 2022

Senior Arts Competition

As the leading Science Fair in South Africa, an Arts competition for learners in grades 7-12 will again be included.   2 categories have been included for this year’s competition, each with a scientific theme.

From 2018, Arts projects must also be accompanied by documentation relating to the research done, choices of materials, etc.  These projects will now be judged on the same standard as the other Science Fair events.

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